rood eht pu nepo (demos)

by Lady and the Lord featuring Bryan Himes

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    Starts out lo-fi acoustic roots reggae and transitions into a eclectic journey of electronic alternative soul.

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Open up the door to a new world
traveling the waves of sound in this lo-fi songwriting creation.
The music flows in a beautiful sequence, expanding the senses, bringing good vibes and pure inspiration. "rood eth pu nepo" showcases Bryan Himes as a unique song craftsman and a voice of is own.
Dive in and experience the fire of one man's spiritual journey in a world that is speeding in a change in frequency to the 5th dimension.


released June 1, 2014

Artwork by Taj Francis
Bryan Himes: Music, Voice, and Songwriter



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Bryan Himes Lexington, Kentucky

I am an artist in
Floraburn, My Body Is A Temple.
I am an independent artist and a soul shaker.
Positive Vibrations.

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Track Name: There's A War Going On
There's a war going on
on every country, every land land
there's a war going on
every woman and man
stand up to the oppression
teach them a lesson
there is a war on the spirit and soul
one end goal
no where to go on this Earth
there is a WAR going on.
Track Name: Open Up The Door
Open up the door
You are the way
Freedom is independent
A rebel renegade
Open up the door
Never give up the fight
Open up the door
You got the right
On a mission
One poetic religion