Slave To The System (single)

by Bryan Himes

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The new rough cut single "Slave To The System" is available as a free download for a limited time. It will be apart of the EP " We Have The Power"
Lyrics that cut through the matrix like a knife of truth. More spoken-word than Rap. Bryan teams up with music master Touch The Clouds, for a powerful collaboration against the mainstream controlled system.


released May 14, 2013




Bryan Himes Lexington, Kentucky

Once I was an artist in
Floraburn. My Body Is A Temple (Bryan Himes) is my expression with sound and frequency. It is an extension of who I am and the complexities in emotions I have sensed and felt in my 379 years in this plane of existence. I am humbled and grateful and give my thankful praise to the Most High for the gift of music. Amen ... more

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Track Name: Slave To The System (rough cut)
I lie for a living and I do it well
A part I play, a story to sell
Telling you how much your vote really matters
Serving up an illusion on a platter
I do whatever it takes to get elected
deceit, dishonesty is expected of me
you see, that's just the way it is.
nothing is real, it's called showbiz.
I don't answer to the bottom feeders
only answer to the corporate leaders
do as I'm told, go with the plan
getting pimped I'm a puppet politician